• Image of Trans-Siberian

Bart Schaneman's "Trans-Siberian" moves as fast as the Shanghai Maglev Train, as a meteor ripping through the Ulan Bator night, as a souped-up Mazda in a Moscow street race. The quick-paced narrative takes us to: the real life Pandora from "Avatar" in China, on the Trans-Mongolian Railway to the nomadic horse camps on the high desert of Mongolia, and to the Volga River Valley and White Night in St. Petersburg in Russia. This personal adventure is told in clear, precise prose--direct writing, straightforward storytelling. Schaneman was trained as a journalist and his attention to detail, to telling dialogue is on full display here. Like John Steinbeck's travel writing, or Joan Didion's essays, there is piercing insight and keen observations, with particular care for the rhythm of good sentences. This is the work of a promising young writer.

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Published by Punch Drunk Press. 79 pages in chapbook format.